Galactic Ambassador
Metaphysical Mystery School
 An Exploration into the Art of Mediumship & Super Flow States 
4-Day Live Retreat
Produced By: Amateo Ra & Avant Terra
<< The Initiation Begins June 22nd, 2017 in Encinitas, California >>
Get On the Ascension Wave
Upgrade Your DNA & Activate Your Gene Keys
Remember Your True Power as an Avatar
Go on an immersive journey into the invisible World of spiritual energy.  Access super flow states of consciousness, and allow higher-wisdom and intelligence move through you.

Make contact with Archangels, Angels, and benevolent Extraterrestrials. Learn how to work with them to upgrade your being, and download new technologies to inform your life's mission. 

 This is for the Planetary Leaders of the the emergent conscious, futurism and unification movement. Expand your voice and pioneering of the new reality we are actively creating. 
About Amateo Ra & His Galactic Background
Amateo Ra has over 10-years of metaphysical science, spirituality, coaching and business training. Since he was 5-years old, Amateo began having ET contact and abduction experiences. Beginning at the age of 22, he undertook several apprenticeships with internationally renowned channels and energy practitioners, to learn and develop mastery in these arts. 

Amateo actively combines modern physics, astrology, and neuroscience in his philosophies, practices, and teachings. He is currently a top business coach for conscious entrepreneurs, supporting his clients to authentically scale income and impact.

Now Amateo is being deeply called to share the Galactic Message and channeling tools, giving world leaders like you the knowledge & ability to access higher-wisdom & future technologies to enhance your life. Ultimately giving you greater access to be informed & receive higher guidance as we collectively assist in the ascension of our species, and our Planet. 
 Install Upgrades for Your Consciousness
Operating System
Unravel the Mysteries & 
Unlock the Powers of Universal Manifestation
Awaken the Dormant Divinity Within...
+ Metaphysical Mechanics of Universal Energy and Manifestation
+ Access Super-Flow States of Consciousness
+ Comprehensive Teachings on The Art of Channeling and Mediumship
+ Optimize Your Super Human Performance
+ Powerful Activations to Awaken Your Superpowers
+ Enhance All Areas of Your Life with Light & Spiritual Support
+ Tune Yourself to a High Vibration & Harness Your Instrumental Nature
+ Ignite/Enhance Your Communication with Source and its Constituents
+ Live Channeling Experiences/ Q&A Sessions w/ **Ratava (Sirius ET)
+ Exponentially Increase Your Impact in the World/Service to Humanity
Make Contact with Your Galactic Family
On the Cutting-Edge of Disclosure
Photo Credit of Bashar, Essassani Extraterrestrial channeled by Daryl Anka. Art by Vasht Anarada
It will soon be revealed that there are an array of benevolent extraterrestrials that are currently in contact with the Earth, its people and governments. 

This group is designed as a safe landing pad for these beings, their precious messages, and the innovative advancements they bring. 

In this series you will be interacting with them personally, as well as given the opportunity to work more closely with them during the process of Disclosure. 

Humanity's Return to the Stars Has Come...
Register for the Live Experience
June 22nd - 25th, 2017 (+ Bonus VIP Day on June 26th)
Locally at Luxurious Private Residence in Encinitas, CA
We invite you to apply to be a part of this extraordinary experience. 

As of right now we are unsure when this will be offered again in the San Diego community, so we encourage you to join now.

We would love to jump on a call and talk to you about your participation, and discuss getting you registered personally. 

We look forward to connecting soon. 

~ Amateo Ra + Jordanne Brenkwitz
Marci Lock + 
Anna Naturalista
Bad Ass Breakthroughs + Oracle Upgrades 
Special VIP Immersion Available
Intimate Breakthrough Experience
Are you a high performer who is ready for the deepest and most transformative work available in this experience? 
Join us for an exclusive VIP deep dive...

+ Private Evening Channeling and Oracle Sessions
+ VIP Breakthrough Day with Marci, Anna + Amateo (Over $15,000 Value)
+ Personalized Coaching Support and Group Masterminding

Expand your container to receive, while dreaming into creation your next quantum leap of growth in life and business. 
Apply Below to Learn More about our VIP Upgrade Experience
Apply Now to Register for the Galactic Ambassador
Metaphysical Mystery School
*Space Limited to 12 Human Avatars*
"My time in Mt Shasta with Amateo created the perfect container to blast open the spiritual floodgates and activate my ability to connect with galactic energies. He is a master facilitator and grounded in his knowledge and expertise in guiding others through all the human upgrades and transformations necessary to enhance your divine and galactic access as well as anchor the insights into the most relevant and precise applications to both life and business."                        
 -Alicia Diaz, Transformational Healer & Coach, MA, AHP
 This Is For:
Global Gamechangers 
Spiritual Gangsters 
Coaches & Healers
Creatives & Artists
Conscious Entrepreneurs & Executives
Those in Leadership & Innovation Positions
Access Super FLOW States of Consciousness
And Activate Your Super Creator Abilities
→ If you went through an intense spiritual awakening and you're looking to integrate your acquired spiritual gifts...

→ If you've ever had a UFO or abductee experience and are looking to harvest the wisdom from the encounter...

→ If you’ve tapped into channeling during usage of psychedelics or plant medicines, and now seek to sustain the current...

→ If you want to access deeper states of flow, ease, peace, clarity, & creativity in your life...

→ If you desire to enhance your personal communication line and make contact with God and Beings from the Higher Realms

→ If you desire clarity on those voices in your head, or simply want to better understand them to not feel crazy anymore…
Open Your Channel
This Work's Impact on David's Life 
"Ascension is not just a spiritual path, it’s a galactic one." - Lauren Gorgo, Ascension Guide
The Sirius Syllabus of the Micro-Dose Divinity Modules
Our True Origins
+ The Great Fall & Rise to Ascension: Awakening Renaissance
+ The Luciferian Agenda & the Rise of Sophia
+ Rubber Band Theory
+ Spiritual Leadership Skills
+ Metaphysical Mindset Training
+ Introduction to Channeling Methods & Accessing Super Flow States
+ Spiritual Clearance
Activity: Ratava Channeling Experience
Oneness Mapping
+ Cellular & Pineal Cleansing Program
+ Planetary Upgrades
+ Universal Mapping + Metaphysical Mechanics
+ The Art of Channeling: Neuroscience + Active Practice
+ Mystery School Ancient Tools and Techniques
+ Densities of Reality, Archangels, Angels and the Sacred Rays
+ Oversoul (Higher-Self): How to Access and Build Relationship
Activity: Ratava Channeling Experience
Extraterrestrial + Interstellar Orientation 
+ Contact Protocol
+ ET: Species, Races & Qualities
+ Introduction to the Interstellar Alliance
+ Advanced Access & Channeling Techniques
+ Physiology of Mediumship
Mastering the Law of Creation
Activity: Open Your Channel Experience with Katherine Bird
The Clear Channel
+ How to Grid + Timeline Design
+ Relay Communications to your Higher-Self (Oversoul)
+ Upload and Download from the Conscious Cloud & Higher-Self
+ Ashtar Command: Form, Function & Loving Support
+ ET Support: Downloading Technologies, Ideas & Innovations
+ My Trance Channeling Technique [Part I]
Activity: Technology Download & Group Channeling Session
Cosmic Contact
+ Trance Channeling Technique [Part II]
+ Evolving Your Intuition 
+ ACCESS: Leadership, Service & Empowerment
+ Integrating Techniques into Daily Life & Productivity
+ Manifestation Made Easy
+ Galactic Ambassadorship Training
Activity: Amateo's Personal Ascension Activation Story
Activity: Group Channeling Session w/ Live Ratava Transmission
Mediumship Mastery with Katherine Bird
Katherine Bird is a World-Class medium, supporting hundreds of people to awaken their divine design, tune their human instruments, and activate and ground their healing abilities. She will be guiding everyone on a channel opening journey and experience, complete with tools, practices and techniques to open your conduit and empower you to receive your own messages, insights, and unique wisdom, and continue the work into your daily life.

Jeanie's Access Experience
Dallas's Access Experience
Workshop Begins: June 22nd, 2017 @ 11:00am
Location: Private Luxury Residence in Encinitas, CA
Workshop Calendar Schedule:
Day 1:
June 22nd, 2017
11am - 11pm
Day 2
June 23rd, 2017
11am - 11pm
Day 3
June 24th, 2017
11am - 11pm
Day 4
June 25th, 2017
11am - 11pm
VIP Day 5
June 26th, 2017
11am - 7pm
Special VIP Immersion Available
Intimate Breakthrough Experience
Marci Lock + Anna Naturalista
Because Marci is an integration specialist who can bring the micro to the macrocosm, then teach refined reprogramming techniques to establish the best version of your Self yet! You get to learn from one of the best “how to live” coaches in the World! 

Once you grant an Oracle access to speak to your Soul, it’s like having the Spiritual Intelligence Agency looking, sensing and knowing where your operating system requires Harmony for the Highest Good of your evolution. As you experience higher dimensional realms in the workshop classes, Anna will be monitoring your personal Energy fields and Codes to help you feel Unity Consciousness. 

Thanks to the refined expertise and combined wisdom of Anna & Marci, You will be guided through group and individual session based on how You, as a VIP is observed throughout the entire program.
They will then create and teach integration techniques and simple tips to loving support your Remembrance transformation, similarly how they do for million dollar clients.

Born to modern yogi-parents, Anna Allen and her three brothers were raised embraced by the loving spiritual foundations of Self Realization Fellowship, and enjoyed growing up with Kriya Yoga as her way of life. Having experienced several traumas in childhood and adult life, Anna learned how to use the healing powers of Divine Energy at a very young age and found a passion in discovering how to regenerate the body from a highest Soul-view, down to the micro-cellular/ physiological, emotional and psychological levels. 

Having the Clairvoyant gift to See through several Dimensions, Lifetimes, Realities and Body Systems, Anna has experienced and channeled over 40 years of healing Wisdom from the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit and the Collective Consciousness through Portal Ascension work with her clients Worldwide. The result is a system for harmonizing Your Self and therefore your life, with the Source of all Creation. This is a cosmic co-collaboration named by the Angles, called the “Miracle Matrix ~ Spiritual Mastery for the Human Experience.” 

ShamAnna, Oracle, Minister and Healer are some of her Earth realm titles, all of which represent the Unconditional and Fierce Love Archetypes of the Feminine Divine or Cosmic Mother. Anna’s drive is Sourced from the lifelong Knowing of her Responsibility to live and teach the higher dimensional example of Unity Consciousness and awaken humanity to Our true Soul Remembrance.

Marci Lock Mentor, is known as the new age Thought Leader, mentoring Global Influencers, World Wide Game Changing Businesses and High Producing Leaders to living an Epic Life in all aspects.

Her Specialty and Genius is seeing the unseen and how to uncover the hidden micro bullshit keeping you from living your Life of Bad Assery, Bliss and Awesomeness as your daily norm.

Her coaching and experiences take you to the depths of De-Programming and Un-Learning what is Subconsciously sabotaging you, to directly integrating the “How To” shifts and micro alignments through DNA Activation, aligning your Super Genes and Gene Keyes, activating all your capabilities to put you back in control to consciously create what you want. The focus goes way beyond the surface self empowerment keeping everyone in the broken cycles, systems and struggle. 

Marci’s portfolio includes some of the Biggest Corporations in the World as apart of her Personal Client Family she mentors which invest up to $1M+ per year to work with her personally. She is passionate about serving all of humankind at any level on the journey to the Remembrance of Who and What you Really are, resulting in Living a Life of Awesomeness in ALL areas & aspects.  

She shares these Truths and the Integration of them through her Online Coaching Products and Programs, Corporate Programs, Masterminds, Personal Coaching, and her hands-on Experiential Events and Retreats; which include The Bad Ass Break Through Adventures Series and The Goddess Revolution Experience, as well as through her appearances on Podcasts, Speaking engagements, books and TV.

You can Access her Freedom Audios for Free on to dive into your own Core Shifters, or Get her Lock Last Formula Audio & Video Series to begin implementing change in your life now at

Follow her on FB for her “Lockin’ Down The Truths” Live.
Go through the individualized survey to discover where your specific blocks are at
Register for the Live Experience
Begins June 22nd, 2017
Locally at Luxurious Private Residence in Encinitas, CA
If this speaks to you...We invite you to apply to be a part of this extraordinary experience, and usher in the next big evolutionary leap for ourselves and humanity. 

Awareness: This workshop will dramatically enhance your life and accelerate things intentionally. Rapid growth for your highest will occur.

Also: As of right now we are unsure when this will be offered again in the San Diego community, so we encourage you to join now.

We invite you to apply for a space to join us. Each co-creator will be chosen, hand-selected and approved, to ensure a pristine energetic container for this series. If this calls to your Heart, we would love to have you join us. 

Let's jump on a call and talk to you about your participation, and discuss getting you registered personally. 

We look forward to connecting soon.

~ Amateo Ra + Jordanne Brenkwitz

Additional Questions?  
"Ascension is not just a spiritual path, it’s a galactic one." - Lauren Gorgo, Ascension Guide
Apply Now to Register for the Galactic Ambassador
Metaphysical Mystery School
Actual Value for This 4-Day Live Galactic Workshop Series is $5,000
The Total Energy Investment Exchange = $3,000
*Space is Limited To 12 Human Avatars*
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